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The difference between email marketing and email marketing is important when generating email marketing. Campaigns to ensure that we can deliver measurable benefits such as return on investment for our projects. To do this we must protect our sending reputation and avoid factors that harm our contacts receiving messages. For this reason it is important to better understand the indicators of our activity and the concept of defining some of these possible indicators of failure. Bounce or bounce rate is one of the main indicators that our marketing strategy is not going well. The same bounce rate is into two parts: hard bounce and soft bounce to understand these two.

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The difference between the concepts necessitates an Japan Phone Number List analysis and elaboration of each of them. However before describing the types of bounce it is necessary to define what bounce itself means when we talk about email marketing. When one of our subscribers’ email servers rejects one of our emails it’s call a bounce. There are different types and each corresponds to a different reason for our mail to be. Bounce mail on the other hand is also known as non-delivery report or non-delivery report, it refers to an automatic mail from the recipient mail server informing the sender about a delivery problem.

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Below are the details of each type of bounce. Hard Lead Sale Bounce A hard bounce refers to a permanent failure in the email delivery process. Addresses that suffer this type of bounce are automatically and  remove from the Active Subscribers section. This way they will be from future mailings of your list and will not receive your campaign again. This usually happens when one of our users’ email addresses is not valid or is no longer in use or the page link to that email no longer exists or is no longer register as an email server. It can also happen when the recipient’s server blocks us or the email is miswritten.

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