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International positioning because according to this positioning activities will focus on local positioning in one direction or another. Locating Target Keywords As we have seen before, one of the key functions of being a professional is to do keyword research, but to establish a starting point we ask clients to provide a list of approximately or terms that they consider to be convenient and interesting locations. your business. From there we will be able to understand what customers expect from location services and we will advise them which phrases are most appropriate to use: high search volume, m ium low competition and high conversion probability.

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The goal of the strategy This is one of the most important parts Ivory Coast Mobile Number List of any campaign and one that is often overlook so we must take this into account when preparing our brief. In order to develop successful campaigns with high ROI it is necessary to establish goals that are driven by the client’s business ne s and take into account the behavioral characteristics of networks and markets that limit resources and available time, otherwise it is easy to end up with unrealistic goals leading to ineffective campaigns. For this reason it is critical to base the goals of your strategy on the results of competition and keyword analysis from the first phase of your campaign in order to fine-tune it later.

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To suit their methods. Here the guideline or its Lead Sale extend version is specifically measurable and achievable. The relevant time-bas ethical record acronym comes into play. This helps not only to establish goals but also to identify and manage the best strategies to achieve those goals. Conclusion In many cases campaign projects fail not due to lack of technical know equipment tools or planning but due to lack of communication between agency and client. So with this initial document. Briefing we will be able to carry out the following phases of the SEO campaign in better conditions.

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