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This may not be a problem if you already have a customer base. But for most new businesses, it’s good to make it easier for newcomers to learn about your business just by knowing your domain name. For example, when you see a domain name like this you know the site is about food or drink. Even for simple events or occasions you can create something special like doing a competitor analysis in addition to thinking about your consumers and your brand identity and how your brand stands out from the competition. With billions of active websites in the world, it’s not easy to stand out.

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So research your competitors’ domain names and Portugal Mobile Number List think about what sets you apart. How would your customers describe you? Is there a term you can include in your domain name to help you stand out? Things to consider: Find domain name options Do keyword research If your business name is unavailable or expensive or you just want to explore other domain names OPTIONS Do some keyword research to get creative. Tools such as and can tell you how many people are searching for certain keywords per month and per location. Look for keywords related to your business and check that out.

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which keywords stand out and how popular they are. For Lead Sale example, if you run a cleaning service agency instead of using the term cleaning you can choose something like a website. Choosing a domain name with high search volume keywords can give you an advantage in optimizing your website and ranking well in search engine results. Although as the algorithm keeps updating it takes more than just a keyword-rich domain name to rank. Final words on domain names Choosing a domain name that reflects your brand will help your project in the long run. Thanks to the new extension it is now possible to be even lighter.

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