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This is good advice not only for your business account but also for your personal account. Brand jacking can also affect your website and thus the security of your domain so it is important to ensure that two-factor password authentication is enabled on the main account associated with your website domain. Allow only trusted sources access to your website’s content management and email management. Another important aspect is that you are the only one with access to the domain admin panel even if you have hired a third party to register the domain name on your behalf. If your business website requires customers to share your personal information and credit card details.

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Details then you better invest in a Secure Sockets Layer certificate A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers which will protect all sensitive information and present it in a secure manner. . Getting a Domain Name Relevant to Your Brand Having a strong domain name that is simple and well protected can also help prevent brand hijacking of your business. Also consider registering your domain names with new domain extensions and redirecting them. For example redirect to redirect to. Another good strategy is to check the domain name for keywords. If your website is please register as a form of brand protection. Develop a crisis management plan The old mantra is here.

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Here comes in handy hoping for the best and planning Lead Sale for the worst. Having a crisis management plan in place will allow you to respond quickly and efficiently which will help minimize damage during an emergency. As part of your crisis management plan be sure to train your customer service staff and area managers on how to interact with customers during critical times. With a proper crisis communication strategy in place your entire team will be able to work together to minimize the impact of the crisis immediately. A post on your blog explaining everything in detail can be helpful and give you enough space to tell your story.

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