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Situation analysis once you have analyzed your link profile and know where your competitors are it is time to analyze where the keywords are in your project for two main reasons it is impossible to attack all keywords at once so we have to base on make strategic decisions based on traffic and business type while also considering how easy it is to rank for a particular keyword or long tail. In order to assess the success of an event we need to know where we were before starting the event and what we achieved through it. For this in we use we can base on last week’s average.

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For each item keyword visualize its position in the past month as well Portugal Mobile Number List as currently. Crawl rank tracker additionally we can tag keywords to easily filter those that belong to a particular campaign to make it easier to observe the results of said campaign over time. Selecting the landing sites we want to work on once we have analyzed the overall positioning of the keywords we move on to selecting the specific landing sites we will use in our strategy. Why we talk about landing and not keywords because finally landing is the natural destination for us to insert a backlink from another website.

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The website gets a vote of confidence to google for Lead Sale a link from one website to another. For this we use page tracker which gives us the most robust list of items based on the number of hits they received in a certain time period as well as a heat map with interesting data like impressions, click-through rate, rank, average and trends for each. Page report by clicking on each we can also access a list of keywords that a particular landing ranks for. This allows us to decide on the most appropriate anchor text. How to choose a method metrics to consider once we know which landing pages and keywords we will be addressing in our link building strategy.

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