Basic Tips to Avoid Backlash Using Baitcaster

One of the main problems with using a baitcaster is backlash.

Backlash or also called “vermicelli” or “bird’s nest” by our people, often happens to those who are new to using baitcaster.

However, this tragedy sometimes still befalls otai fishermen. Haha.

So it is a common issue when using a baitcaster .

So don’t be ashamed if this happens to you.

In this article I will share 5 tips to avoid backlash or at least reduce the problem

How does backlash happen?
When the lure hits the water, it slows Latest Mailing Database down and stops abruptly.

Even though the speed of the lure has stopped, the spin of the reel still hasn’t.

Therefore, the rope has nowhere to go. Then there’s a big mess of string on your BC spool. It will twist here and there.

This phenomenon is known as backlash.

It’s like a big disaster for the angler if it happens when the fish are aggressively hitting the bait.

Other people are busy getting strikes, we are busy breaking the rope. Hell. >.<”

How to reduce and prevent backlash from happening?
There are several steps we can take to reduce the risk of vermicelli.

Among them are:

1. Adjust the brake system
Arguably all baitcaster reels have an adjustable brake system.

Often the magnetic brake system can be adjusted from the outside only.

While the centrifugal brake system needs to be opened sideplate on the baitcaster to adjust it.

baitcaster centrifugal brake system

This brake system if properly adjusted, will help you a lot to avoid vermicelli

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If you are new to baitcaster, it is advisable to adjust Lead Sale this brake system to a high level first.

Once you are good at controlling the spool with your thumb, you can gradually lower the brake level for longer casts.

2. Melaras spool tension knob
The second thing that is closely related to the brake system is spool tension.

Before throwing, make sure you adjust this first.

backlash melaras tension knob

You can adjust the spool tension by adjusting the knob on the side of the handle and star drag.

The objective is to drop the bait not too fast and not too slow. Just moderate.

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