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All information and data on the website of the provider. To do this backup find the folder in your control panel and download all the files later upload them to a folder with the same name but in the hosting plan you are using. If your website is created using an application eg or other. In the same way it is necessary to back up all the information of the website located in the folder. You will have to make another backup but all databases are stored on your current provider’s host. For this you can use a tool that will help you upload it to our hosting plan.

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If your current provider does not have this tool please Nepal Mobile Number List ask them to help you get this support. If you need more information please email us and we will be happy to help you. Buying your hosting might seem obvious but it’s essential. First you need to buy a hosting plan to be able to transfer your data later. If you are a new customer go to the web hosting section of the menu and choose the plan that best suits your needs. You will receive by mail all your access rights to be able to enter information and the different services corresponding to your contract plan.

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Transfers can be free when contracting hosting Lead Sale provided the domain has or extension. In this case you can save yourself going through the whole process and just contact the team to share. The information they request so they can help you with the transfer. If you are already a customer enter your customer panel in the top menu of the service purchase service you can select the accommodation you want and click request this service then the option will appear Domain If you want to transfer the domain you can select I already have one Domain I want to transfer it to. At the end of the purchase process you can pay by credit card deposit or transfer.

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