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You Can Achieve Your Career Goals Organizing a fundraiser for your local rec center shows that you can set a goal and create a plan to make it happen. If you’ve received an award or some form of recognition, the personal accomplishments on your resume will shine brighter. Mentioning an award in your job  bragging but a sign that others recognize your contributions. The Community Service Award demonstrates that your commitment and actions have produced significant benefits to your collaborators and neighbors. Why the New Call to Action Highlights Your Personal Accomplishments Your first instinct may be to exclude your personal accomplishments from your job application. Why Your Personal Life Can Affect Your Professional Life Actually.

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Accomplishments outside of your day job can help you through the hiring process. They can help you secure an interview. Managers want employees to have a track record of getting work done New Zealand Phone Numbers List Your list of achievements shows that you are fully capable of completing projects. Facilitate career change. A personal side hustle helps hone new skills before transitioning to a new job. If you’re currently writing social media content but would rather produce blog posts, freelancing as a part-time blogger can help you gain experience before applying for a full-time position. Plus a personal account with thousands of followers can prove you’re doing the right thing. Get your first job after college. as fresh graduates.

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You probably don’t have any professional accomplishments to share yet. In this case your personal and academic achievements become even more important. Someone elected Lead Sale to student government or named to the dean’s list every year will stand out from those who have successfully completed their degrees without doing much else. Examples of Achievements for a Resume You should be strategic when choosing the accomplishments to put on your resume. Your personal accomplishments should highlight the soft or hard skills you will use to fulfill your job responsibilities. Your selection should also focus on results in the most recent time frame, usually last year’s results. Here are some examples of learning a new language. It’s not just about individuals.

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