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They’re a favorite perk for employees who often use them to deal with inflexible schedules. I have seen employees take floating leave to attend important holidays that are not yet recognized such as Diwali. While employers are not required to provide such employee benefits you should consider them. They promote diversity by allowing employees to take time off on the dates that matter most to them. Employees, in turn, will devote themselves to their work because they feel a sense of belonging. Leading to increased creativity, productivity and engagement. Read on to learn what a floating holiday is, why you should offer it and everything you need to know to implement it. What is floating leave Employers offer floating leave.

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To ensure that employees of different religious beliefs or traditions are not disadvantaged in their relationships with colleagues. What is floating leave? Floating leave is paid time off that employees can take in lieu of public holidays. The dates that employees decide to take time off are usually at their discretion Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List For example, if you live in an area where the majority of people are Christian and your religion is not, you may want to take another day off so you can celebrate your own religious holiday without interfering with your work life. It’s no surprise that job seekers find this an attractive part of compensation and benefits. Reasons to Offer Floating Vacation A job benefit like this can improve your employer brand.

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They benefit when companies offer floating vacations Increased diversity and inclusion Increased productivity Attract and retain better talent An employee recently posted Lead Sale about how it made them feel to be on a floating vacation. Laurel isn’t the only one. Many employees take time off to celebrate holidays they value but are not included in the company calendar. Increased Productivity and Work-Life Balance Happy employees are productive employees. When you allow employees to take time off on the days that matter to them you’ll see an increase in employee morale overall satisfaction and motivation. Research from Harvard Business Review shows that work-life benefits are more influential than popular racial equity programs.

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