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Directs to the closest category but never to home or things in general. WIPO increases loading spa and is always important within every possibility. It has become even more important in recent months after it was announce . Pages that take a long time to load won’t be rat well by bots or users. We know that in e-commerce you never get a note because you might have to sacrifice some useful functionality to have it. There are many tools to measure and analyze our website eg. The results in . More and more mobile users use mobile phones to purchase any product.

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So much so that Google uses mobile version information France Mobile Number List to rank search results. The most important thing is to create an adaptable web design that passes all checks and doesn’t show errors in . The option that Google values ​​most in making the web mobile-friendly is responsive design. When implementing responsive development we must avoid duplicating code for the mobile version. Mobile Usability Testing Mobile Optimization Test Results Link Building We have to deal with our popularity through off-page SEO. For this we will use link building techniques whose goal is to acquire external links.

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To develop a good strategy we must follow Lead Sale a set of guidelines Natural Links We must generate links that are relevant to our industry topics. If I sell furniture I have to search decorating and interior design blogs. Competitor Analysis If a website links to one of my competitors it should have no problem linking to me. Avoid spam checks and avoid suspicious domains. Find out if they are interest in your audience. Better to pay a little more but avoid links that will hurt us in the long run. Brand building An online strategy must be done with a solid brand building plan.

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