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Destabilization of the organization Unexpressed frustration and simmering resentment Lack of psychological safety Communication Ineffective team cohesion and poor collaboration Poor problem-solving skills And adventurousness is what led to the Abilene Paradox team people instinctively want to the herd. This urge is a very human one designed to protect us from threats. Wandering alone in prehistoric times meant being picked up by predators. Fear of being separated from the group has become a major threat in modern times. We worry that we will be seen as unpleasant and disloyal or not good team players.

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Of course we rarely voice these thoughts. When social anxiety gets the better of us we ruminate on conversation body language and context. We worry about the harmful consequences Japan Phone Number List of going against the group. Unfortunately the fear of what might happen if we speak out about Abilene’s paradox becomes more prevalent than the often undesired consequences of getting along with teams. This fear of speaking out is known as action anxiety. In fact the Abilene Paradox stems from a false cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is the psychological discomfort that arises when we do something that doesn’t align with what we believe to be true. We want to be consistent with others in this situation.

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We also felt like what we thought the team was trying to do was a bad idea. This leads to a difficult choice of dealing with the discomfort of speaking up or the discomfort of not being honest about expressing your true feelings. Abilene’s Paradox vs. Groupthink Groupthink is similar to Abilene’s Paradox Lead Sale with one key difference. A group of people involved in groupthink consciously agree with each other. This could be due to dominant cultural team homogeneity or subtle workplace coercion. Lack of personal thought for whatever reason. This means that the healthy and productive conflict that accompanies differing opinions also disappears. With regard to the Abilene Paradox people realized that they disagreed with the proposed plan.

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