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Song’s guide to creating web stories does so directly using the official plugin you can download from this repository. Guidelines for Creating Web Stories Using the Plugin Install and activate the plugin in your website just like any other plugin. Find Stories in the left menu. Choose whether to create a new story or choose a pre-design template. In our example we will go the second way. Google Web Story Template Web Story Template Example itorial thanks to the different elements in the left column. Web Story itor Web Story itor arranges everything the way you want in a central workspace.

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Content Don’t forget to add a title. Use the right column to define Hungary Mobile Number List the final design style. Publishing a demo of your new Web Story finds the recommendations we creat in Configuring Web Stories for a range of technical recommendations when using this new format. We explain them in full here. You want to make sure your content tells the full story without being too commercial. You should avoid web stories that require users to click on links to other websites or apps to get basic information. Web stories with multiple links or attachments per page. Affiliate Programs If you use affiliate links.

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It is recommend not to use multiple links and not to Lead Sale abuse the story length The length should be between to page as limit although Google recommends to page. Title Length Use shorter titles, preferably less than characters. The body of the story. The body of the story should be less than 10 characters per page. Each page should focus on one idea. Video If you use video it is recommend to have less than 2 seconds per page and in no case more than 2 seconds. Another good practice is for videos to include subtitles. In this way you will be able to influence those who silently use their mobile phones. The conclusion as you can see brings us a whole new format this format is not.

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