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Once the user sees the different result impressions he clicks on the one he thinks best suits his needs. At that moment google makes a request to the server hosting the web in order for it to serve the content. When this happens, the relevant code is used to generate the server’s response. We will list the most relevant names as we must consider this response code to tell you that the page exists, that it has content and that it can be displayed. This is most desired as long as the code for the page content is optimal. The family of status codes correspond to redirects. The most prominent are permanent and temporary.

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Basically they tell google hey you are asking me Kuwait Mobile Number List this now not this but this is another. There are more but they are not the reason for the concept we are developing. It is important to know that being preferred overrides all permissions. It is recommended to read the redirection tutorial on error codes. Least wanted. The most common is famous. When this code is present we tell it at request time that it no longer exists and therefore is an error. We want to differentiate it from the set because it has value. When we use this code when we make a request to our server we tell it that it must be gone.

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It’s funny because instead of knowing it’s never going Lead Sale to show up again. Will stop trying to track it down we’ll track it down again and think we might want to fix it. This response type is related to server errors. Trying to ask us something when our machine fails for some reason. Will return a status code if the server fails. Crawl budgets crawl budgets at this point in the post we now have to address a term that caught on in the world a few years ago called budget crawls. Crawl budget or crawl budget refers to what google spider crawls.

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