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This creates new opportunities for several companies. In this article we tell you which tech companies are growing the fastest during this pandemic. Amazon If before the pandemic people used to shop in supermarkets and brick and mortar stores now the vast majority of people shop online so the more people are confined to their homes the more Amazon will grow. The company’s director, Jeff Bezos, fears his sales will drop as people limit themselves to buying essentials, but the rise of online shopping and the growing importance of his cloud business in an environment marked by remote working has pushed Amazon’s stock to an all-time high. levels seen before.

How to get phone numbers for telemarketing

Company value $100 million Euro stock value Greece Mobile Number List before the pandemic USD EUR stock value Today there is a major reason why Microsoft is strong in the pandemic. The first application it has become one of the most used ways for many companies to stay in touch with their employees. On the other hand, cloud computing platforms have become part of the digital backbone of many large companies. Its third major advantage is that it has multiplied the number of online players to 1 million players in just 1 month which has never been seen before. Companies worth millions of dollars Millions of euros Shares were worth pre-pandemic. dollar euro stock value today dollar euro apples apples in big.

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Despite the closure of physical stores around the world Lead Sale during the pandemic. The Tim Cook-led company has successfully launched new models. Attracted more users to an ecosystem of products that are more diverse every day during the pandemic. In fact, some executives predict sales of certain products will exceed expectations as remote. Work encourages users to upgrade their devices. Companies worth millions of dollars Millions of euros Shares were worth pre-pandemic. US dollars, euros, stock values, today’s US dollars, euros. Tesla, the technological leader in battery cars, took advantage of the epidemic to improve its software and not only did what it wanted to do.

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