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Image provide by merge files this function does a kind of copy-and-paste of one code into another to avoid loading multiple but only one. Testing is recommend as this depends a lot on how the theme is develop and because if I have a file that only loads in one type of page I don’t want this code to be in a single file in all pages. The ideal is to load the code us. If you have improv loading spe please check the box and try the type tool. The benefit of combining files is to r uce requests to the server.

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Optimize loading has been update to take into account suggestions Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List from different google tools for optimizing loading spe. If we have us these tools we will definitely come across eliminate render blocking resource notifications by activating this check we can prevent blocking loads by loading them asynchronously. This means that rendering when a file has to be download does not stop the file from loading in the background preventing the loading process from stalling. So you should activate it. Files have always been one of the big problems google has dealt with, and there is a fundamental operation in optimizing such files without delving into the language.

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Let’s see if they remove migrations is a library that Lead Sale supports code compatibility develop for previous versions. This library is native but actually useful some plugins may require it. By doing this we hope to avoid unnecessary requests and unus load. Disable it and browse your site to see if everything works shrink the file as the documentation explains this action will be appli to the file r ucing its size slightly. Merging files is another action similar to optimization modules. Remember when we activate these boxes we have to check if everything works as before.

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