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It was announced by company CEO Mark Zuckerberg a day after the event, an annual event organize by the social network, unveils its top news and what technologies it will focus on next. These changes will also affect and . According to Zuckerberg, a fundamental change to its appearance is about to be call, similar to the fifth generation of the social network, which aims to improve the user experience and increase the time users use it. Social network. He that the company intends to prioritize privacy and recognizes that there is a lot of work to be done to regain users’ trust. The most notable change to why it’s no longer blue is the visual aspect of the social network.

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Gone is its characteristic blue color and now white List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers will dominate. The exterior of the platform the new design is mainly white. To give more weight to the color of the content. The new logo will be slightly in response to a clearer interface design, with a more round shape and a predominantly white color. Stories on the Homepage The tool has become a big bet for Zuckerberg’s company on Facebook and Facebook. This element will now occupy a special place on the homepage of the world’s largest social network. The mobile menu now has a new menu at the top of the screen designe to mimic the mobile experience with update icons and a notification system on the right.

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The community’s protagonist group will have its Lead Sale own tab—a direct access designe to facilitate user usage. The importance of creating a community to its services has been over the years. This intention is clear in its new design. Broadly these will be features of the new design that’s already in beta for some users of the mobile version. It will available on desktop to all subscribers the following summer. The change is testing a feature that hides like counters to avoid luring users into posts. It won’t stop account owners from following. Posts no longer have to start with a photo or video.

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