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Color plays a much more important role than is usually imagined. As human vision is one of our most developed senses and color has a big impact in conveying the feeling as far as we are concerned it influences purchasing decisions. Colors connect people to brands express identity and create brand personality colors affect our emotions affect us and change the perception of a product or service. It is therefore important to understand the meaning of colors to your target audience as colors can convey different feelings depending on the culture. Likewise personal experience can affect our perception of color. Color psychology is the study of how color affects human behavior.

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Color has the ability to stimulate or depress. Cool New Zealand Phone Numbers List colors, for example, are often associated with tranquility, passiveness, spaciousness, and distance. Warm colors, on the other hand, are associated with power, pleasure, and movement. Meanings of colors below we detail the emotions each color evokes as well as the positive and negative characteristics of the colors and how they affect brand psychology, positive passion, strength, courage, vitality, excitement, boldness, and emotion. Negatives challenge aggressiveness punch and tension. Red draws attention to text and images but it is also a very powerful color and should be used sparingly. In advertising it evokes passion and lust.

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Emotional speed and strength or it is also used to Lead Sale indicate danger. It is widely used by fast food companies as it is an appetite-awakening color. Yellow psychology positive happiness optimism friendship extroversion self esteem. Negative irrational fear anxiety vulnerability and pain. Yellow evokes feelings of joy and cheerfulness and conveys feelings of heat and summer. He is considered carefree and unstable. Do not abuse this color as it can cause irritation you must use it in an appropriate manner. Oranges have positive energy, vitality, warmth and safety. Negative deprivation depresses flightiness and immaturity. Orange gives a feeling of warmth and a stimulating effect.

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