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Check your feelings Cognitive dissonance often accompanies physical sensations. Make a note of when you feel physically or mentally unwell. You don’t necessarily have to address it in the moment. Remember it when you have time to document or discuss it. Say you decide to start drinking eight glasses of water a day. But when you go out to order a soda. Have your friends teased you about your eight glasses of water and you’re starting to feel nervous in your stomach? Even though you know they’re joking you’re still a little pissed off. Cognitively dissonant friends chatting in a Don’t run away from it Instead of feeling defensive, delve into the information your reactions are giving you. when you feel that way.

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When did your first inclination happen and what triggered it? Knowing what is causing the dissonance can help you find the best way to fix it Spain Phone Numbers List In our example you don’t like your friend pointing out that you’re drinking soda instead of water. You realize that the decisions you make are inconsistent with what you say you want to do. Identify what you want to change Now you are at a crossroads. You say you’re going to do one thing but you do another. You have a few options to deal with it You can call your friends and tell them never to talk to you again. You could rationalize that soda is made with water so it’s basically the same.

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You can keep googling until you find a site that tells you that no one needs to drink eight glasses of water that water is actually unhealthy. You can forgive yourself and start drinking water Lead Sale It doesn’t matter what you choose. At this point you’ve done the hard work. Developing the self-awareness to notice and question dissonance will usually resolve it. Dissonance doesn’t happen so you can beat yourself up. It’s not asking you to do one thing or the other. It gives you the information you need to calmly make decisions and understand why you made them. Talking to the coach to change in our example is very simple. But sometimes we have discordant feelings that we don’t understand.

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